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PORTA solutions designs and manufactures industrial machines that are used in production of various industrial sectors: automotive, aviation, water industry etc.

MULTICENTER technology is a valid option to twin-spindle technology machining centers. This solution is better suited for the production of medium/small batches, with the need for frequent tooling/fixturing changes. The ideal solution for companies which need to keep up with the market evolution. Companies which have to produce medium-small lot sizes, with frequent production changes but also those who have to produce high volume can choose “Multicenter” machine that represents a real alternative to twin-spindle machines.
Multicenter guarantees not only a considerable savings in all its segments, but it also represents a wise investment in medium to long term.
In comparison to the standard twin-spindle machining centers, “Multicenter” machine can be supplied in 3 and 5-spindle versions. These machines enable a concrete optimization of workforce resources, automation, tooling/fixturing costs, floor space required and part re-clamping errors. 

TRANSFER technology is better suited for big production in terms of numbers, where it is necessary the use of a machine extremely precise and reliable. PORTA solutions designs, manufactures, and assembles transfer machines, controlling personally the entire production chain. In this way, they guarantee to their customers quality characteristics and robustness, at an excellent quality/price ratio.
To manufacture our machinery, we set up a design process review shared with the customer that turns out to be an effective co-operation in order to fulfil unique requirements and custom-tailored solutions.
Our transfer machines enable the implementation of complex machining from 2 till 5 sides in only one clamping and they are convenient for medium batches too. Moreover, the use of quick-release toolholder spindles enables the reduction of the machine changeover time when changing production. 


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