Rosa Horizontal Head Grinding Machines


Due to its versatility and simplicity of use it represents the state of art in surface grinding technology. The machine can be programmed to work in manless operation manner. It is equipped with the ROSA SYSTEM VII CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 840 Di) unit, but it is also available in the NC version SYSTEM VI (Siemens Sinumerik 840 Di). Four models are available whose grinding sizes go from mm 850x630x480(h) to mm 2000x650x600(h).

The wheel spindle is of the interchangeable cartridge type and runs on opposed preloaded angular precision bearings. The standard power-rate of the wheel motor is 11 kW (15 kW for CNC versions). 


Machine dedicated to grinding big die- and mould-blocks, straight blades in series production or other heavy jobs.

The LINEA GOLD consists of eight models for grinding sizes from 1650x1100x800(h) mm to 7600x1100x800(h) mm. These machines are equipped with a ROSA SYSTEM VII CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 840 Di) or a NC SYSTEM VI (Siemens Sinumerik 840 Di) control-unit. 

The design of the LINEA SILVER is inspired by the same construction and modularity criteria which feature the LINEA STEEL machines. LINEA SILVER can be utilized both for small batches (even single pieces) and for big series. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of grinding in unmanned cycles.

This range consists of five models for grinding sizes from 450x850x700(h) to 4250x850x700(h) mm. Alternatively; there are two control systems, i.e. either CNC or NC, the software of which has been purposely developed directly by Rosa Ermando SpA.
Our CNC solution offers rapidity of use due to complete parameterized cycles. The utilization of softkeys makes the operator's job quite easy and quick. The standard power-rate of the wheel motor is 15 kW. 


Quantity Available 1
Manufacturer Rosa
Model # Iron


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